Our Services

Our goal is to enable Persons living with Dementia to remain at home and in their community while minimizing caregiver stress. We ask questions, listen, and assist in identifying areas that you and your loved ones find challenging in your everyday life and develop an individualized plan for you.  
Prior to In-Home Visit

Following our phone consultation, an information gathering packet, including questionnaires and past medical history, will be sent to you. This information will guide us during our in-home analysis.

Result Visit

Results from our in-home analysis will be organized and presented during our follow-up in-home visit. Our recommendations and strategies will be discussed in effort to keep your loved one functional and safe at home with confident caregivers.

In-Home Analysis

We use evidence-based practices to assist in establishing a person-centered plan that may include:
* Fall Risk Assessment
* Daily Living Skill Analysis
* Cognitive Level Screening
* Caregiver Stress Assessment

Ongoing Support

As dementia progresses, function and behaviors may change, increasing caregiver stress. We are available for additional in-home follow-up visits to adapt and expand any pre-existing programs.

Consult and Follow Up

Do you care for your loved one with dementia and need advice from a Certified Dementia Practitioner? Are you questioning if an in-home analysis would be too stressful for you and your loved one? Call us for a consult and we will meet with our team to come up with individualized solutions, based on your concerns, for you to use with your loved one without the formal in-home analysis.

Free Phone Consultation

Contact us for a free 20 minute consultation to discuss any issues you are having and to discover how we may be able to support you.

Virtual Visits

We offer virtual visits for portions of our analysis with the ability to provide additional support when in-home visits are not optimal for you.

In-Home Analysis

Our program includes an initial in-home visit and follow-up visit to discuss and develop an individualized plan to meet your needs.

Community Outreach

We can provide you with referrals to additional resources within your community to offer assistance and emotional support.

Optional Follow-Up

We are available for additional in-home or virtual visits to address questions and concerns regarding an already established program.

Corporate Training

We offer training to businesses, as well as retirement communities and health care facilities, to consult with and train staff to be sensitive to the needs of people living with dementia.

We do not diagnose dementia, nor do we provide private duty home caregivers.  We do not bill our services through Medicare, private insurance or third-party payers.  Our services are not to be considered a treatment alternative for dementia and do not replace medical advice from physicians.  It remains important to obtain appropriate medical advice and to ask questions and communicate openly with medical care providers.  Although we are licensed as a Speech-Language Pathologist and a Physical Therapist, we do not provide those services.  If we believe those services are necessary, we will recommend getting a referral from your physician.  

Are you or a loved one living with dementia?

Do you need help from a Certified Dementia Practitioner?