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Where There is Help, There is Hope

The number of people living with dementia is growing and unfortunately there is no cure.  At New Hope Dementia Solutions, we use functional outcome measures with evidence-based practices to make appropriate recommendations and develop a person-centered plan for you.  Each plan is individualized to assist in enhancing cognitive and physical function, as well as management of any challenging symptoms and behaviors.  Scheduled follow-up visits enable continued monitoring of a client’s abilities and limitations, while assisting caregivers in navigating the continuously changing horizon of dementia care.  We believe “dementia” is only a word, it does not define who a person is or what potential they can achieve. 

“If you have met one person with dementia, you’ve only met one person.  That is, each individual will talk, act, remember, and behave differently.  Not simply because of what stage of dementia they are in, but because they are who they are.”


we can help reduce stress

We understand the stress that comes following a dementia diagnosis and the uncertainty it brings. We incorporate stress management techniques for people living with dementia and their caregivers.

we can help find solutions

We recognize that everyone's journey with dementia is unique. We develop an individualized plan based on a person's abilities and the needs of their caregivers.

we can help raise awareness

We strive to preserve quality of life by educating and assisting caregivers, as well as frontline professionals, through creative solutions and insights. We aim to raise awareness in our communities and beyond.

Our Founders

Arienne and Darla are Certified Dementia Practitioners (CDP) with a passion for dementia care.  They began their journey as rehabilitative therapists working with the geriatric population.  They recognize the difficult decisions people are faced with and the unknown certainty of their future.  After years of evaluating and treating people in acute care, long-term care, and on memory care units, their professional lives crossed.  They discovered that their passion for helping those with dementia aligned, and they developed their current approach to dementia care.

Arienne Jennings MS, CCC/SLP, CDP, CADDCT




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